Urban Scents was created in Berlin in 2014 by perfumers Marie Urban Le Febvre and Alexander Urban, both professionals in the field of scent production.

They were brought together by their sense of adventure and love of flying, and with Urban Scents, they have realized their goal of opening their own perfume house.

They’ve designed this limited-edition perfume collection to reflect their beliefs… Both inside and out. One of them is bringing openness to the scent production process by inviting perfume enthusiasts into the Berlin-based perfume creation laboratory.

Transmitting, sharing, and living the ideals of an independent fragrance, in which the perfumer is regarded as an artist and the intellectual property owner of his own formula. They exclusively use the highest-quality raw materials and components, as well as people’s expertise.

At Urban Scents, we place a great emphasis on creativity, quality, and accountability, which is why our scents are inspired by the skill of traditional perfume creation. And only dealing with small manufacturers that are intimately familiar with and experts in their industries.