THE HOUSE OF OUD is the tale of Andrea Casotti, an Italian Master Perfumer, and Mohammed Abu Nashi, a producer of Jakarta oud, two individuals who share a love of art, fragrances, and travel, as well as a sense of beauty and a desire to learn. Their thoughts and ideas have been gathered from all around the world and compiled into a single ‘home’. Their home is unique in that it has no walls or boundaries and is open to possibilities and visitors, as well as knowledge, expertise, and the age-old art of perfumery.

It’s Time For THoO

Following the map of creative freedom, THoO is embarking on a voyage through the present world, cross-fertilizing art, music, styles, scents, painting, beauty, patisserie, nature, and life.

The first three THoO perfumes were inspired by time, which is rich in intricacies, and are the result of a creative collaboration between Maurizio Cerizza and Cristian Calabr, who documented three moments: “Just Before,” “Right Now,” and “From Now On.” These compositions embody three amazing moments in humanity’s existence and portray them in ways that transcend words and nations, employing a common language: scent feeling.