Fragrances that encouraged users to focus within, trust their senses, and become more aware of themselves and their environment.

Our creator, Lola Tillyaeva, and globally renowned perfumer Guillaume Flavigny collaborated on these scents over the course of many months.

Character, creativity, and mutual respect were stressed in a process that was guided by instinct and intuition and allowed time for self-discovery.

Our perfumes find harmony in contrast by combining the workmanship and savoir-faire of Paris with the modernity and narrative of Los Angeles. Spiritual and sensuous, dark and bright, ancient and modern — they are the result of competing forces.

They aim to educate the user by exposing and enhancing who you genuinely are, rather than who you pretend to be, using ethically derived materials.

Finding the element

All natural phenomena are built on the foundation of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. They are intertwined yet diametrically opposed, enhancing and diminishing each other. Wood not only feeds fire, but it also divides the Earth.

For millennia, they have been utilised to understand everything from the universe to our inside bodies, and they are known as the Wuxing. They also served as inspiration for our first collection of 10 distinctive perfumes.

All five components are present in every one of us. However, we are directed by a certain factor, which is influenced by our birth date, time, and region, as well as our gender.

Yin Transformation

Water is the wellspring of all life, and Yin Transformation is a flowing scent that honours it. The element is the essence of Yin and Yang forces, which have both been employed in the creation of this harmonious, flowery scent. The smoothness of almond milk, sandalwood, and white musk tempers the playful charm of calypso orchid flowers, Bulgarian rose, and Iris. It’s a rich, easy-to-wear scent that enlivens the senses.

Moon Glory

Moon Glory pays homage to the moon’s poetry, a force that molds every movement, pattern, and rhythm on the planet. The smell is inspired by the enticing aroma of flowers after sunset. The sweetness of lychee, honey, and ylang-ylang is blended with the delicacy of Hawaiian jasmine, Queen of the Night, and passionflower. It’s a lovely scent that envelops the person.

Hypnotizing Fire

Like a mild flame, Hypnotizing Fire is a beguiling scent that nurtures the user. The gentle notes of Bulgarian rose, Indonesian patchouli, and pimento berries gathered beneath the Jamaican heat add to the calm sensuality of Madagascan vanilla and Benzoin. It’s a rejuvenating and restoring Yin smell that’s warm and radiant.

Sun Force

Sun Force honours the sun’s energy, a force that colours our perspective and brings the brightness of our surroundings to light. The aroma evokes the scents of citrus and exotic woods, which increase in the heat of the day. The cryptic essence of benzoin, vetiver, and sandalwood is enlivened by the brightness of Hawaiian pomelo. It’s a confident scent that energises the user.