Discover the luxurious scented body oil at With time, pamper your skin as well as remove dead skin with natural extracts. You may pamper your skin in numerous ways, scented body oil is the perfect luxurious formula. Make your day remarkable and treat yourself well.

Aqua Universalis Scented Body Oil
Price: د.إ405.00

Brand: Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Tag: bath & body

Rest and relax with body oil non-greasy formula. Sometimes, we feel stressed by our daily activities. The best way to relax is that put some oil in hot water and experience the freshness as well as relax your mind. Boost your glow with Aqua Universalis Scented Body Oil. Moisturize your body and linger all day with perfect aromatherapy.

Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Body Oil
Price: د.إ405.00

Brand: Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Body oil always nourishes our bodies. In the most ancient times, folks rejuvenate and relax with the oil formula. Oil gently absorbs with the skin as well as gives the perfect amount of texture. It is considered the lightest weight formula with natural properties. Enjoy all the benefits in just 5 – 10 minutes.

With a gentle massage give your skin a little pleasure. Feeling stressed or wherever you feel pain in the body, take the small amount of oil in your hands and softly massage it onto your skin. Regularly apply the body oil and feel the difference in your skin. For the results, regularly perform the application. Get glowing skin as well as lingers throughout the day. Body Oil is considered the natural formula for many centuries. Also known as pure essential oils. Ideally, moisturized all-day with antioxidating properties. Explore scented body oil with natural properties only at




Pick up the most indulging, luxurious Satin shower cream by Ermanno Scervino. In frosty weather, our skin needs nourishment. So, for deep hydration purchase Satin shower cream only at With shea butter and rose baccarat, experience the shower cream. Fresh and radiant body glow with an extraordinary bath and body product. Show your immense love for the shower cream with the Satin effect. Give it a try as well as intrigue a long spa at your home with perfect shower cream. With a hot shower, feel the variation on the skin. Relish most of the time in your sauna as well as moisturize your skin. It’s a perfect formula that will remove the dead cells from your skin.

Ermanno Scervino Satin Shower Cream
Price: د.إ194.00

Brand: Ermanno Scervino
Tag: bath & body

Top Notes: Green mandarin
Middle Notes: Coconut, Jasmine, Neroli, Tuberose
Base Notes: Cashmere wood, Vanilla absolute, White musk

Become a member of the luxurious shower gel and with a dynamic change experience the vegan formula product. Gently rub the loofah on your skin as well as with the majestic cream formula smells appreciable all day. The best pickup shower cream is made with natural extracts. Treat your skin like never before!
Transform your mood with the morning spa, add some fun with shower cream. Your skin will automatically feel good throughout the day. Get the rejuvenating experience with sweet top notes: Green Mandarin. With foam, your skin will linger automatically, and you will feel the difference.
The shower gel is design to maintain the pH balance of your skin. Feel moisturize with Satin Shower Cream. Soap makes your skin a little dry, shower cream is eco-friendly as well as wash away oil dirt. Also considered the most hygiene factor with natural materials. Choose the best shower cream for your skin only at