Midnight Datura EDP

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Brand: Parfums Quartana

Olfactive Family: sweet-floral

Midnight Datura is a limited perfume by Parfums Quartana for women and was released in 2016. The scent is sweet-floral.

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Also known as “moonflower”, Datura is a wonderfully fragrant night-blooming poison flower that has been an essential ingredient in love potions throughout history, and is known to induce visions and a trance-like state. Datura itself has aphrodisiac qualities and fittingly, its white flowers open at nighttime, glowing in the moonlight. As such it was used for the worship of Diana/Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunt. Featuring ten flowers, our Datura fragrance is a voluptuous super-floral tinged with a platinum powdery luminosity, drunken with delight from rum, and on the hunt for ?

Base notes
Manufacturer USA
Product type Perfumes
Season Fall, Spring
Gender Her
Occasion Daily, Evening, Night out
Fit Floral, Sweet
Perfumer Lisa Fleischmann



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