Escentric Molecules are made up of an aroma molecule that isn’t found in nature. In 1973, Iso E super was developed in a laboratory at IFF. It was unknown outside of the perfumery field until the release of Escentric Molecules however, it may be found in low quantities in the background of many men’s and women’s perfumes. It is praised by perfumers for its velvety, cocooning effect.

Something sparked for perfumer Geza Schoen when he first smelled Iso E Super alone. “I noticed the common denominator in all the perfumes I liked was that they all had a lot of it in them.” Iso E Super is a unique product. It’s impossible to get enough of it. After just one whiff, you’ll desire the entire bottle. It’s as though it’s a drug.”Schoen began experimenting, producing perfumes with unheard-before amounts of Iso E Super. He took a step farther one night. He advised they spray on nothing but the aroma-molecule itself before going out for a drink with a buddy.

It had an instant impact. A woman approached them as soon as they sat down at a pub and inquired about their scent. As Schoen spoke with her, it became evident that a significant dose of Iso E Super was also a link between the perfumes she loved. Schoen realized he had a good idea. His suggestion was audacious. In honor of this intriguing attractant, he would develop two scents.

An astonishing 65 percent of the molecule would be contained in a single scent. The rest of the mixture would be made up of elements that would emphasize the low-light atmosphere.

If this was a bold move, the second scent was completely out of the box. Only the molecule Iso E Super would be present. “I figured this one would appeal exclusively to artists, oddities, and outcasts.”

He was completely wrong. Escentric Molecules have been a phenomenon since their inception in 2006. Schoen followed up the initial pair of perfumes, 01, with 02, 03, 04, and Escentric Molecules 05, which will be released in 2020. Each combination concentrates on those uncommon fragrance molecules with enough brilliance and character depth to stand alone.