Rosendo Mateu

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About Rosendo Mateu

Rosendo Mateu is the living image of a self-made man, this is reflected in his work and especially in its perfectionism that touches each of his creations. For 40 years, Mateu has been one of the specialists at Puig, one of the world’s most prestigious perfume companies. During that time he has developed dozens of fragrances, which carry his personal signature and the ambition to achieve a combination of commerciality together with the creation of a unique product. in 2017 Mateu faced a new challenge: the creation of a new collection under his own label. Five fragrances that can be used indistinctly by men and women. Five masterpieces from the hand of a man who is considered to be one of the best perfumers in the world - and who has dedicated his life to the world of fragrance.



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