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About Parfums Quartana

Six Scents explores new conceptual directions in the art of perfumery. It was co-founded in 2008 by Joseph Quartana, the former director of the avant-garde fashion boutique, Seven New York. Six Scents is composed of two distinct brands: Six Scents Parfums and the newer, PARFUMS QUARTANA, which was launched in 2016. Six Scents Parfums is essentially a collaborative endeavor which pairs today’s most visionary fashion designers with the world's most celebrated perfumers, in order to render the designers' visions through fragrance and shape tomorrow’s olfactory palette. On the other hand, PARFUMS QUARTANA explores singular concepts in perfumery and its debut collection, Les Potions Fatales is based on the folklore of nine different poison flowers used for murder, suicide or sorcery.



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