Fragrance Du Bois

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About Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois is the only fragrance house that uses its own signature 100% pure and natural Oud in all its Oud formulations. Paired only with ingredients of the finest quality, all the elements converge to produce the perfect palette from which the artisan perfumer can conceive and begin the creative process, matching the fragrance with our innermost desires. Given full artistic license and regardless of cost, our master perfumers are at liberty to craft scents with depth, imagination and character unique only to Fragrance Du Bois. Artisan crafted with passion for the perfume and luxury connoisseur. Our clear cut, finest crystal, bottles and flacons are not adorned with jewels or bright colours - our liquid creations are our priceless jewels, and we want them to be seen and revered - deep, rich and intoxicating.



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