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  1. Starting at AED85.00

    TOP NOTESNeroli, orange from Sicily

    HEART NOTESEucalyptus, sclarea sage, amber

    BASE NOTESCashmeran, oud wood, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

  2. Starting at AED85.00

    Top Notes Lemon Bergamot

    Middle Notes Rose Ylang-Ylang Jasmine Geranium

    Base Notes Patchouli Agarwood (Oud) Leather Amber

  3. Starting at AED85.00

    Top Notes Saffron

    Middle Notes Balsam Fir Styrax Myrrh

    Base Notes Patchouli Agarwood (Oud) Guaiac Wood

  4. Starting at AED1,350.00

    Top Notes Hyacinth Pineapple Pink Pepper

    Middle Notes Ylang-Ylang iris

    Base Notes Patchouli Benzoin Sandalwood Musk

  5. Starting at AED85.00

    Top Notes Cypress iris Juniper Berries

    Middle Notes Patchouli Myrrh

    Base Notes Honey Leather Amber Musk Vanilla resins

  6. Starting at AED85.00

    Top Notes Bergamot Orange Lemon

    Middle Notes Ylang-Ylang Freesia Rose Petals Jasmine

    Base Notes Virginia Cedar White Musk Patchouli

  7. Starting at AED85.00

    Top Notes Cardamom Pink Pepper Grapefruit

    Middle Notes Turkish Rose Geranium Cedar Patchouli

    Base Notes Incense Agarwood (Oud) Sandalwood Oakmoss Labdanum Musk

  8. Starting at AED1,570.00

    TOP NOTES: Bergamot

    HEART NOTES: Sandalwood, Rose, Leather

    BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Incense, Honey


Items 1-8 of 12

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