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    Ignis is the fires latin : this name makes sense when you consider that this is a scent based on the scent of frankincense, myrrh, and dark oud which gives us the feeling of after fire.

    The sophisticated woods are more creamy with spiced cardamon and citrus, which works exceptionally will ignist the sweetness in violet, saffron and rose notes in the heart

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    Aer Is based on the idea of a kiss- or rather of many kinds of kisses. There's the innocent, First Love kiss, represented by fresh notes of Raspberry and pink pepper that energize and thrill.

    For a sensual Kiss, Magnolia lend a whiff of grown-up Passion. But this is primarily a fresh, green and innocent scent, so we return to a base inspired by a mother's kiss, tender and warm, represented with smooth orris and creamy sandalwood and vanilla.

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    Patchouli is a material of grate importance in the perfumes palette its play as first violin in the orshestra. Among all the woody note, it is the most sensuous. Patchouli evokes richness this distinct un-hippie patchouli straddles both sides of the olfactory gender spectrum, with bergamont opening, sprinkled with cinnamon, Sweetening the wedding of a deep, dark, earthly patch and its natural partner, rose.
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    Tera, yet almost edible quality make at the perfect fragrance for romantic, but still approashaple enough for daily wear. its flora aspect lighten at enough for warm weather, but tera gouramand edge lends its the body to wear well in cold weather, to. Just a drop of tera is all you need for people to learn and, preathe deeply, and smile, saying "you smell good enough to eat"

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    Legend has it that rose petals, symbolic of love and beauty , intrigue and charm those that breathe in their scent.

    In the throes of true passion, there is no room for hesitation self-consciousness or restraint- only inspiration. Pura is a true representation of that fervor, a vivid sensory rush of extraordinary flowers fiery spices and deep rich woods that combines for a euphoric, luxurious fragrance experience like any other.

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    Top notes: bergamot pear, lemon, bergamot, galbanum

    Middle notes: cedar, sandalwood, magnolia

    Base notes: musk, moss

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    Top notes: hawthorn, aldehyde

    Middle notes: rose, ylang-ylang

    Base notes: benzoin, musk, vanilla

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    Top notes: nutmeg, saffron 

    Middle notes: rose, leather 

    Base notes: musk, wood


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